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2018-01-29 15:29:39

Company Founded

US HECHUANG Technology LLC was founded in 2015, in the United States California Silicon Valley Center Santa Clara has offices and warehouses, registered trademark TDSTOUCH, for the US market to provide touch display products.

Company headquarters was established in 2003, is China's hi-tech enterprises. After continuous product development and technical updates, has a full range of comprehensive touch technology eleven product lines and a number of product patents. TDS products in the global financial, telecommunications, transportation, industrial control and other fields in a wide range of long-term use.

Company headquarters

Company headquarters and factories located in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China Baoan, is the world's largest electronic components and computer accessories manufacturing base. R & D center is located in Beijing, China Zhongguancun, is the earliest Chinese touch screen technology birthplace.

Company headquarters in Hong Kong in 2008 to set up branches, professional handling import and export business, to ensure that products quickly handed the hands of customers around the world.

Our goals

US hechuang technology llc relying on the company's resources, is committed to the United States to provide customers with high-quality touch display products and efficient localization of outstanding services. The future company will continue to provide customers with more new touch screen technology solutions for the global industry users find more touch products and the use of fun.

Our Office


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Our Location in US

US Hechuang Technology LLC
2080 Walsh Ave, Suite C1
Santa Clara, CA 95050
P: 1-(408)-688-2658
Sales Email: info@tdstouch.com
Customer Service Email: customerservice@tdstouch.com
Sales: info@tdstouch.com
Customer Service: customerservice@tdstouch.com