Return terms

2017-04-17 15:25:47

Standard After-sales Service Protocol

US HECHUANG TECHNOLOGY LLC (Referred as TDSTOUCH bellow) makes the following service commitments to our customer. To ensure timely services provided by customer service center, please learn our after-sales service contents.

With the good faith doctrine, to provide satisfactory after-sales service for our customers, TDSTOUCH commits to provide after-sales service ordinance as follows:

Services Ordinance as follows:

  • 1. Product warranty period: TDSTOUCH provided 12 months warranty and lifetime paid maintenance services for TDSTOUCH products.
  • 2. Normal quality defective product (Non-human caused defect) under warranty needs authorized return and repair code as DOA or RMA:
    DOA: Goods shipped less than four weeks or just out-of-the-box has quality problem. TDSTOUCH provides free replacement or repair depending on the circumstances, replacement or maintenance standards as new product (including the appearance and performance of the product).
    RMA: Goods shipped more than four weeks and within warranty. TDSTOUCH could cover single freight cost of repair. TDSTOUCH provides the product maintenance, products appearance not controlled.
  • 3. Paid maintenance service: Defective goods shipped more than 12 months, or non-quality defect caused by man-made damage, inappropriate operation.etc, TDSTOUCH provides paid service for material and labor cost, charging price according to the"After-sales Service Charging Standard", TDSTOUCH does not cover any fee of repair.
  • 4. If the product, returned and repair within the warranty had stopped production or damaged seriously, could not be repaired, TDSTOUCH provides replacement similar as the original product specifications.
  • 5. If the product returned and repair was out of the warranty had stop production or damaged seriously and can't be repaired, TDSTOUCH keeps the right of don't providing maintenance any more.
  • 6. Accessories are not covered by the after-sales service warranty and maintenance scope, such as DC POWER, extension cable, etc.
  • 7. Wrong orders placed by customer can't provide return and exchange, and are not covered by the after-sales service warranty and maintenance scope.
  • 8. The defect product is due to customers' using environment or worry operation is not within TDSTOUCH after-sales scope.
  • 9. TDSTOUCH only bears the products repair and transportation costs within the warranty. Other costs are not covered by TDSTOUCH, such as tariffs, customs clearance fees, storage fees, non-TDSTOUCH facilities related costs.
  • 10. When TDSTOUCH declared to cover freight, the customers should contact TDSTOUCH and use the TDSTOUCH assigned way of transport and logistics. The product returned but damaged in transportation of using the non-original package is not within TDSTOUCH after-sales service scope.
  • 11. If the customer returned products not attached accessories, the TDSTOUCH would not provide accessories after repair.
  • 12. If the customer singed non-standard after-sales service agreement, TDSTOUCH provide service according the items on the agreement.
  • 13. Other terms not listed here needs to discuss with TDSTOUCH and TDSTOUCH keeps the right of explanation.


  • 1. This ordinance only applies to the TDSTOUCH products purchased through formal channels.
  • 2. Violation of this ordinance could be executed according to national laws and regulations.
  • 3. The revise and interpretation right belongs to TDSTOUCH.
  • 4. This ordinance is applied to the product purchased after March 1st 2014.

Repair and Return Process:

  • 1. Customer should contact TDSTOUCH Customer Service Center and get the return authorization code before sending the goods. The returned package should have TDSTOUCH Goods Return Form inside, or TDSTOUCH have the right do not accept or reject the package.
  • 2. Return authorization code contains RMA (Return Material Authorization) and DOA (Dead On Arrival).
  • 3. When get the return authorization code, also TDSTOUCH needs your address, logistic information, etc.
  • 4. Return authorization code is valid for 45 days.
  • 5. Please make sure the returned product quantity in TDSTOUCH Goods Return Form.
  • 6. If you another one had to be returned, please contact TDSTOUCH to get another new return authorization code.