Company History Timeline

2017-03-23 14:38:21


    Year of 2017

    Participate in DSE 2017

    Sell TDS Touch Monitor and All-in-One on Amazon and eBay

    Set up the warehouse in Bay Area, CA in the US


    Year of 2016

    Become Kiosk Industry Association member in the US

    Register TDS Touch trademark in the US

    Became Touch Industry Association member in Guangdong, China

    Become High-Tech Association member in Shenzhen, China


    Year of 2015

    Establish US TDS Company in Bay Area, CA

    Launch Highlight Touch Panel, apply in Digital Signage and Outside Kiosk Industry

  • Year of 2014

    Supply to Education Industry in Guangdong use TDS Desktop Touch All-in-One

    TDS Touch All-in-One Through CCC certification in China


    Year of 2013

    TDS get six touch display patents

    Launch TDS Open-Frame Touch All-in-One (fan-less), apply in bad condition environment


    Year of 2012

    Supply to rail transportation industry use TDS Open-Frame Touch Monitor in China


    Year of 2011

    Supply to ATM Industry use TDS Open-Frame Touch Monitor in China

    Participate in Finance Exhibition in China


    Year of 2010

    Participate High-Tech Exhibition in China, sell IR Touch Frame to the US market

    Get Touch monitor shape patents

    Launch Open-Frame Touch Monitor


    Year of 2009

    Supply TDS Desktop Touch Monitor to Canon Company in China

    Register TDSTOUCH trademark in China

    Develop touch display Control driver, through FCC, CE, RoHS and IP65 standards


    Year of 2008

    Supply 2000 units TDS Desktop Touch monitor to Telecom Group in Zhejiang, China

    Establish TDS HongKong Company

    Launch TDS Desktop Touch Monitor


    Year of 2006

    Establish the TDS factory in Shenzhen, China


    Year of 2003

    Founded TDS Touch Company in Shenzhen, China