Warranty Information

2017-04-18 13:52:16


The following limited warranties information is provided on US HECHUANG TECHBOLOGY LLC(tdstouch) products. The warranty period begins on the date when the product is first shipped to TDSTOUCH customer.

Warranty Table

Controllers We do not sell accessories separately, here refers to the parts after the repair of the replacement parts warranty time 1 Year
Touchcomputers 20A-Series, 30B-Series 3 years
Touchmonitors LCD 3 years
Touchscreens IRTOUCH, Pcap 1 year
Peripherals and Options HDD/SSD Kits, Memory, PCI-Expansion Card Kits (for All-in-One Touchcomputers) 1 year
Customized Product Display custom brightness, Outdoor products, Fanless series, all-in-one, 31P Android system all-in-one 1 year