Five-wire resistive screen 7''-19''

The touch screens access the reliability, durability test and linearity test to ensure the usage performance. The functionality must fulfill the criteria defined in this specification, especially on optical and electrical properties, mentioned on Sectio

2.2mm slim Thickness, High Accuracy
3H pencil hardness resists scratching
Dust Proof and dirt proof
Stable, drift-free operation
Broad input flexibility

Five-wire resistive screen Five-wire resistive screen 7''-19''

Frame Area 322.00mm X 245.50mm
Storage Temperature -40°C ~ 80°C
Tail Peeling Apply 800g force pulling vertically down by 90 degrees
Tail Bending 135° and left & right 10 times
Static Load 15kg within ɸ 20mm area for 30sec
Operating Surface Hardness 3H pencil, pressure 765g/45°
Operating Force R8.0 Silicon Rubber Hs60°
Impact 25.0 ɸ DIA/67g Sreel Ball 80cm Height
Operating Voltage 3.3 ~ 5V DC
Loop Resistance X:20~500Ω, Y:20~500Ω