Infrared touch screen 15''-21.5''

TDS Customize Infrared Touch Screen, Infrared Touch Screen belongs to detachable structure, easy to assemble, support at multi points Touch, ultra-low power consumption, no external power supply, support Windows / 7, XP, Android, Linux, Mac, Chrome. Super

10 Points Multi Touch, G+G
Anti-glare and toughened glass
High transmittance
Multi ITO conductive layer, good anti-ESD

TDS Infrared touch screen Infrared touch screen 15''-21.5''

Projected Capacitive Instructor G+G (Glass + Glass)
Light Transmittance >85%
Input Methods Finger, passive stylusFinger, passive stylus
Number of Touches Max 10 points, Max 10 points
Cover glass thickness 2.0mm
Surface Hardness >6H
Positional Accuracy ±2.5mm
Resolution 4096 X 4096
Communication interface USB
Power Supply Voltage 5V(USB)
Touchscreen (Operating Temperature) -10°to 60°C
Controller -10°to 60°C
2 points Touch Windows 7, Windows 8/XP, Linux, Android
Warranty 2-year